Gipsy Dharma boots and their giveaways!

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I have been obsessed with and am bound and determined to win some of these boots by Gipsy Dharma. I have been entering their giveaways ALL YEAR in hopes of winning some of these fantastic boots that are right up my accessory-alley, and now for my final act of devotion: The blog! They are not limited to boots, but create all kinds of magical leather “costumery,” though I am devoted to a pair of boots- by golly if it kills me! Have a look for yourself and you will see what my fuss is about. And when I do, THEY’RE GOING TO BURNING MAN!

From their website:

Gipsy Dharma is a passion for unique clothing and women’s footwear.

At Gipsy Dharma, we realize that looking good and feeling good is deeply intertwined and result in a much more positive self perception, which all of us so very much wish to achieve. We also believe that the right footwear carries with it a feeling of inspiration and beauty from deep within, because ultimately it is our feet that connect us with the beautiful planet we live in.

From natural colours, perfect for blending in with the beautiful outdoors to contrasting bold and vibrant designs, our women’s boots are made with all styles in mind. And whatever style you choose, our boots are individually and lovingly hand-crafted with fine, soft leather and incredibly comfortable flexible soles. Our selection of leather boots for women is designed with your comfort in mind, perfect for all occasions. From stylish knee high leather boots with delicate laced detail, to fabulous leather belt skirts or super sexy over the knee ladies boots, our range of unique clothing and footwear will inspire you and create a whole new look. From sheer elegance to fiery adventure, our colours and designs are perfect for all those looking for some fun and excitement in their wardrobe 🙂

The world is a magnificent place ready to be explored and there is no better feeling than setting off on your incredible journey in great comfort and unique style. As a result, our footwear is designed for people who are constantly on the move through life, and our philosophy is simply about beautifying and perhaps even encouraging your inspirational journey. So live wildly, let your free spirit roam the beautiful Earth in our handmade leather boots and unique clothing range, made especially with you in mind.

Wish me luck!

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